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3 Ideas for a Nature-Themed Wedding

Of all the wonderful themes you can choose when planning your wedding, nature-themed weddings can be the most delightful. Although you can plan nature themes for indoor venues, it’s much more authentic if you can celebrate outdoors since your décor has been crafted by Mother Nature herself. Of all the nature-themed weddings we’ve had the pleasure of creating floral arrangements and bouquets for, these are the three themes we consider the best of the best.

1. Colourful Garden Themed Weddings

Garden-themed weddings work best from late spring through early autumn when the majority of flowers are in bloom. Although your natural wedding flowers will be cut freshly for your bouquet, corsages and lapel boutonnieres, you will have flowers all around you if you celebrate your nuptials in a gazebo or under a trellis in an authentic English garden. In fact, when you celebrate a garden wedding you won’t even need to choose a colour scheme because Mother Nature has planned that as well. You’ll be surrounded by almost every colour nature has to offer.

2. Going Green with Forest Themed Weddings

With sustainability a focus in a great percentage of contemporary weddings, what could be more symbolic than a ‘green’ wedding in a forested area? Any park would do well and in the hotter summer months, natural, cooling shade is provided free of cost! When having a forest-themed wedding, many brides love to have their floral arrangement tinted shades of green as well. No, it’s not St. Paddy’s Day, but actually, it very well could be if it’s held on March 17! All humour aside, think of wedding gowns and bridesmaids’ dresses designed in layers of sheer lace mesh, much like the fairies that just might be dancing in a circle this night.

3. The Sparkling Beauty of Winter Wonderland Weddings

Can you imagine getting married outdoors at the height of winter with mounds of freshly fallen snow all around you? Believe it or not, this is one of the most popular nature-themed weddings we’ve seen yet. A huge, high-top white tent is erected so that both the nuptial vows and post-ceremony celebration can be held within. They are not as freezing cold as you would imagine because the tents are heated to a comfortable temperature before the guests begin arriving. Many brides have had a good laugh over time because they noted there was no need to shower them with confetti or rice because the falling snowflakes had taken care of all that.

No matter what time of year you intend to be married, there will always be a nature-themed wedding to strike your fancy. After all, nature doesn’t stop working just because the seasons change, so you can count on every seasonal backdrop to be right there for you. Yes, you can have a nature-themed wedding indoors, but who really would want to? It doesn’t get any better than ‘the real thing,’ so plan your wedding in your favourite season and as far as décor goes, you’ve little to do.


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