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How it works... Gloucestershire Luxury Wedding Florist!

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

As I’m sitting here watching the snow fall gracefully over my front lawn, unable to drive anywhere, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to write about how I work as a wedding florist. It’s a wonderfully creative job with lots involved which is what I love!

Enquiries often come in by email through my lovely new website where you can get a feel of what Foxy Buds is all about. Couples with full wedding planning will leave the getting in touch with suppliers to their planner; so I always work very closely with wedding planners. Through the email I get all the information I need such as wedding date, chosen venue and any ideas you already have about your wedding flowers and the wedding itself. That said, please feel free to pick up the phone and call anytime to chat wedding flowers!

Photo by Sabine Darrall - I was helping her collect lilac! I will write a whole other blog about how Sabine is the reason I am doing what I love today!

As a wedding florist it’s important to hear about the wedding as a whole so that I can weave the flowers into this and ensure they add to the aesthetic. The flowers and styling need to work in harmony so I will always discuss everything with the stylist and or wedding planner should you be using one. For all of my wedding clients over the South West UK the floral design at their wedding is a huge part of their vision, it needs to be totally perfect and me listening to their hopes and dreams for their wedding is the start of it.

Once the email has landed I get back to prospective clients to let them know if Foxy Buds is available and if so to arrange a phone call or Skype video call. During this call I will listen to everything you have to tell me about your wedding, anything and everything. We will discuss all the possibilities for wedding flowers, types of flower, colour palettes and lots more. It’s my favourite subject to talk about so watch out!

After the initial phone call I will put together an extensive initial proposal for you to consider. This gives you information about Foxy Buds, colour palette, mood boards, photos, reviews and a quote. Lots of information but all very important to consider. It’s good to remember that this is a first draft and WILL change along the way. I usually put these together at least 1 year before the wedding date so ideas do alter. The best way to move things forward is to give me a budget to work with and then we can tailor everything to that unless the sky is the limit of course!

Once you have decided that Foxy Buds is the wedding florist for you and paid the £500 deposit to secure your date you will get an invite to collaborate on a secret pinterest board so that we can collect ideas for the wedding flowers. We stay in touch with unlimited emails and phone calls and will meet at least once at the wedding venue to finalise the floral design.

All you have to do then is relax and enjoy the build up to your wedding day knowing that the wedding flowers are in expert hands!

Photo Matt Lincoln



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