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Flowering Up the Church!

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

Churches can be the most beautiful places to create wedding flowers. There are so many options it really is endless! Having flowers for your wedding ceremony can help to make the space your own and also create a more intimate place to get married.

Let’s start at the very beginning…

Imagine walking up to the church entrance and being taken aback by the sight and scent of a breathtaking floral arch. This is what Claire experienced on her wedding day, walking through a classic green and white arch with the most gorgeous scented roses not to mention many other blooms. She said to me afterwards that it was a splurge but a very worthwhile one. Memories like that do not fade and a floral arch will create the most astonishing backdrop for those special photos. Sometimes you just have to go for it!

Photo credit: Simon Biffen

Fonts are also an area to think about, a prime spot for some beautiful blooms! It is always worth checking with church staff as fonts are actually sacred artefacts. Many of them you can decorate though which is fantastic! A huge billowing arrangement works well to create an element of relaxed luxury to your wedding flowers.

That all important aisle is a must to have flowers. Again, there are so many options. Keep things simple and go for classic tied posies on the end of pews with lanterns alternating or go all out and splurge on floral borders! These look stunning and if you are going for a ‘bringing the outside in’ feel this can do the job very nicely! Natalie adored the floral borders at her church wedding and then had them relocated to the marquee.

Photo credit: Martin Thompkins

Photo credit: Sabine Darrall

So you are at the front of the aisle and about to get married. In front of you are two impressive urns overflowing with flowers and foliage. These give you and your guests a fantastic focal point and help you feel like the space is yours for that time. Such a beautiful sight as you walk down the aisle, not that you will want to take your eyes off your fiancé!

Another great choice is having living trees to line the aisle or alter. They completely transform a space and can have a huge impact on the styling of your wedding.

I always advise couples to decorate the church in line with the aesthetic of the rest of the wedding. It will bring the whole feel together and create such a unique, once in a life time experience. Candle light, paired with flowers is a good way of adding to that intimate atmosphere.

Photo credit: Sabine Darrall

Photo credit: Martin Thompkins

There are obviously many other areas in a church that can be decorated such as window sills, church gates, porches. The list is endless. The best thing to do is to visit the church with your wedding florist and wedding planner to discuss all the options and go from there.

Your wedding ceremony is the most special time, make it even more special by adding in florals to add an extra level to your memories.

Photo credit: Simon Biffen



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