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Colourful Wiltshire Wedding

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

It’s your wedding day, so understandably you want to feel ultra-confident. Stand out from the crowd with a colour-popping palette that will make your day feel as vibrant as you are.

This is exactly what real bride, Naomi, achieved on her beautiful September wedding day last year. We can’t stop swooning over that incredible wedding dress, can you?! As Naomi’s chosen wedding florist, the Foxy Buds brief was for the couple’s flowers to be bright and different – every florist’s dream. Naomi and James wanted their wedding flowers to be completely and utterly unique. And that’s exactly what they were.

After our first consultation, Naomi said the word ‘orange’, which immediately ignited the creative process and I just knew this was going to be great. While many couples shy away from bright colours for wedding flowers, Naomi and James’ ethos was, ‘the more colour, the better’.

Naomi opted for an oversized bridal bouquet which was a true statement piece and it was simply made to turn heads. Although a larger than average bouquet doesn’t suit everyone, they effortlessly ooze luxury and can be a real piece of art. Don’t be afraid to be bold and brave with your bridal bouquet. Have exactly what you want and go with your gut feeling, you won’t regret it. Whether it’s an unusual shape, an interesting colour mix, statement ribbons or quirky flowers, the most important thing is that it feels like yours.

We’re smitten with those gorgeous deep red dahlias, the flower of the autumn season. Dahlia’s really are rather fabulous and incredibly versatile, they come in all different shapes, colours, textures and sizes, so you will be spoilt for choice.

We styled Naomi and James’ traditional village church ceremony with a huge show-stopping arrangement on the font, urns brimming with bright flowers as focal points at the front and the window alcoves were decked out with natural cascading beauties. The floral décor immediately set the scene for their special day.

After their romantic church ceremony, the couple moved onto their main venue to continue the celebrations. Hatch House was the perfect location for their relaxed yet elegant marquee reception. We decorated long tables with bright blooms and lots of leafy, textured foliage, while the top table took centre stage with a luxurious floral runner. It was exactly what Naomi and James had imagined for their big day.

How will you make a statement at your wedding day? Will you choose an array of vibrant and bold colours? Perhaps you have your heart set on an amazing floral installation? No matter how you choose to style your wedding day with flowers, it’s all about the memories you will create for you and your wedding guests.

Your wedding day is not a day for holding back, so be bold, be confident and be you!

beautiful images by David McGirr


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